Cuckoos and Allies

The gallery features images from the Cuckoos (Cuculidae) family which has five subfamilies: Old-World cuckoos including Koels, coucals, malkohas and anis.

Cuckoos, Koels, Coucals, Malkohas and Anis

Cuckoos, Koels, Coucals, Malkohas and Anis Notes

All featured species are ‘Red List 2019’ assessed as ‘Least Concern’.

These small to medium-sized arboreal birds rarely exhibit plumage dimorphism; an exception is the koels. And about one-third of the cuckoo family are brood parasites, laying their eggs in other birds’ nests.  Malkohas and others in the Phaenicophaeinae subfamily are non-parasitic nest-building cuckoos that raise their young.

Singapore has eighteen resident or migrant species of cuckoos. On my recent visit to Singapore, I photographed another three, chestnut-winged cuckoo, large hawk-cuckoo and plaintive cuckoo, bringing my Singapore image list to seven about half of those on my world list.

Cuckoo Taxonomy

J Boyd Taxonomy in Flux places the Cuckoo (Cuculidae) family in Cuculiformes that has five subfamilies with around 150 species. These subfamilies are Cuculinae (Old World cuckoos), Centropodinae (Coucals), Crotophaginae (Anis), Neomorphinae (New World ground cuckoos), and Phaenicophaeinae (New World cuckoos, malkohas, and Malagasy cuckoos).

TheLanbirds II Webpage describes the higher-level taxonomy for the Cuckoos family.