Australasian Robins

The gallery features images of Australasian Robins from the Petroicidae family that I photographed in wooded areas in Australia  and New Zealand.

Australasian Robins

Australasian Robin Notes

All featured species are ‘Red List 2019’ assessed as ‘Least Concern’. Three Australian species and two New Zealand species of Australasian Robin displayed in the gallery include four endemics: eastern yellow robin, rufous-lored robin, Stewart Island robin and South Island tomtit. The gallery contains photos of both eastern yellow robin subspecies (nominate and chrysorrhos) together with both sexes of the Stewart Island robin.

Australasian Robins Taxonomy

J Boyd’s Taxonomy in Flux Checklist places Australasian Robin (Petroicidae) family in Basal Passerida. The Passerida Photo Albums webpage gives an overview of applicable Aves High-level Classification.