Cisticolas, Grassbirds, Reed-warblers and Larks

The Acrocephalus Group of bird families include larks (Alaudidae), reed-warblers (Acrocephalidae), grassbirds (Locustellidae) and cisticolas (Cisticolidae) are part of Sylvioidea placed in Passeriformes. These are small to medium-sized birds that are mainly insectivorous, although some have a mixed diet that includes seeds. They occupy a variety of habits, although some families require specialised habitats, such as reed-warbles that prefer swamp or areas near water to feed.

Cisticolas, Grassbirds, Reed-warblers and Larks

Cisticola, Grassbird, Reed-warbler and Lark Notes

All featured species are ‘Red List 2019’ assessed as ‘Least Concern’. Cisticolas are small, mostly insectivorous birds that occupy a variety of habitats including woodland, grassland, and marshes. Both grassbirds prefer grass and scrub habitat and feed mainly in invertebrates. I photographed both the insectivorous reed-warbler and the lark that feeds on seeds and insects in wetlands environments in Australasia.

Acrocephalus Group Taxonomy

The Passerida Photo Albums webpage gives an overview of applicable Aves High-level Classification.