Passerida Oscines

Passerida Oscines (Song-birds) Photographed in their Natural Habitat

This album page provides links to galleries that display images of birds from Passerida1 oscines that I photographed in various natural habitats. In each photo album a gallery features portraits of individual species that may include male, female, juvenile or immature birds and for some species a supplementary gallery displays behaviours such as hunting, nesting, feeding and mating.

Passerida Photo Albums

Passeroidea Superfamily

Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) Male at Singapore Botanic Gardens

These small bird species are found in most vegetated habitats in tropical regions of the Old-World including forests, mangroves and gardens.

Olive-backed Sunbird, Female (Cinnyris jugularis) on nest feeding young chick at Singapore’s Chinese Garden

A photo essay of olive-backed sunbirds in their habitat; nest building, incubating eggs and feeding their chicks, including behaviours and action photographs of several species.

1. Passerida is one of two parvorders under Sibley and Ahlquist Classification for Oscines (Passeri), a suborder of Passeriformes.